Undergraduate College Planning and Selection

While the junior year is when the college process begins in earnest, the importance of starting early cannot be overemphasized. The freshman or sophomore years are optimal times to develop an educational plan and explore extracurricular interests that support the student’s strengths and passions. Families with the foresight to plan ahead find that their children are more informed and prepared for college and have more choices later on. Frequent meetings are not typically necessary at this stage.

Helping high school students become successful, independent college students, including (but not limited to):

  • Discovering their own interests, strengths and needs
  • Finding a major
  • Recommending classes that assist in preparation for college
  • Evaluating and coaching good study habits
  • Learning about college options that fit individual needs, interests and abilities
  • Learning useful college survival tips
  • Developing good decision-making skills
  • Building support systems with other students and college
  • Visiting local colleges. (College Visit Guide available for self-guided tours)
  • Realizing free resources available at all colleges
  • Understanding options for financial aid

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