Welcome to your future!

College and Career Coaching helps all students gain the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to interact with others, set goals, and make decisions related to education, career, and life-long success.

Success in the twenty-first century differs significantly from the twentieth century model. Lifelong employment with a single employer has virtually vanished. Success today is increasingly dependent on a sophisticated knowledge base, the ability to enhance that base, to collaborate, to self-direct, and to adapt to change. Individuals will need to adapt their goals and decisions over their lifetimes in relation to school and workplace requirements and personal responsibilities.

As part of College and Career Coaching’s education and career development, students will see education as a continuous lifelong process that will prepare them for and make them adaptable in a complex, information-rich, and fast-changing world.

College and Career Coaching helps students and their families navigate the K-12, college selection and career processes while offering guidance, structure, and individualized planning.

Transitions may be stressful for students and their families and coaching and guidance can help with these phases:

  • Elementary to Middle School
  • Middle School to High School
  • High School to a two year or four-year College or University
  • Transferring from Community College to a four-year College or University
  • Grad School
  • College to Career

Preparing for transitions in a student’s educational life should be a time of excitement, but it is often filled with pressure and apprehension. A comprehensive and manageable individualized plan is developed, which helps each student stay motivated, focused and organized.

Guidance in selecting high school courses, planning for required tests and in developing extracurricular activities that all support the student’s strengths and interests is provided. Researching colleges, effective communication of a student’s unique attributes through their applications, essays and interviews are emphasized. Students and their families appreciate support from a coach, which helps lessen stress on all parties and can help relationships remain positive.

While parental input is imperative, the more a student is involved and engaged, the more fulfilling their college experience will be. College planning is a time for young adults to reflect upon their strengths, needs, priorities, and dreams while developing confidence in their own communication and decision making.